New York City is one of the world’s most visited cities and home to a melting pot of nationalities.  The last time I was in NYC, the Twin Towers were still standing and we went up to the Observation Deck.  The city has changed a lot, but a lot of things remain the same.  This trip was all the more memorable because our college-going triplets were with us.  The trip was a blast of sight-seeing, culinary and experiential delights. 

The 9/11 memorial is a poignant reminder of the loss of nearly 3000 lives to an audacious terrorist attack.   Twin waterfall pools with the names of the victims listed on the bronze parapet walls.  
Occulus interior
The Oculus is a unique architectural structure located across from the 9/11 memorial and close to the World Trade Center.  It resembles a bird being released from a child’s hands.  At $4 billion, the Oculus is the most expensive transit hub and mall in the world
St Patricks

New York City is home to many churches of various denominations. The entrance to St Patrick’s Cathedral is very grand and the entrance is festooned with flowers.  The inside is ornate with gold accents.  The great silver pipe organ above the entrance is crowned by a large blue, circular stained-glass window.

The Church of the Trinity is juxtaposed with the modern architecture of the more materialistic Wall Street – home to the New York Stock Exchange.  A large stained-glass wall catches the eye above the altar under the soaring ceiling. 

Trinity Inside
Little Island is a man-made elevated island – a small oasis of trees, grass and flowers a few steps away from the towering concrete jungle.
The Grand Central Station is truly an impressive transit terminus.
Purple flower
Flaming orange
New York City is home to several bridges.  The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic of them. Manhattan has a varied and interesting skyline of skyscrapers.
Brooklyn Bridge
Mahattan Skyline
Manhattan at dusk
The Vessel
The Vessel is a recent addition to the urban sights of NYC.  This 18-story building with a whimsical design and construction however serves no practical purpose.


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