Why a ‘Magazine for the Alumni by the Alumni’ instead of an Alumni Magazine run by the University?

An Alumni Magazine through Alma Connect makes it a “University Magazine about the Alumni” governed and overseen by the University. That in turn would mean the content, style, look and its administration would all have to follow and go through university procedures for review and approval (which is added responsibility on the staff as well as procedural delays). 

The Missing Link on the other hand is a “magazine by the alumni for the alumni” and offering its members flexibility and leverage to experiment with topics it deems fresh, edgy and relevant operating under a Holocratic Model by not over burdening the team while facilitating quick turnarounds to reader-feedback.

Is Karunya University aware of this magazine?

Yes, representatives of the Karunya University alumni wing are standing meeting members.  They provide university current-event or recent news to the Missing Link magazine team and help reach its intended alumni audience across all the social platforms they have a presence on. 

How does the magazine sustain itself?

The magazine costs money to publish.  The four editions released in the first year have all been funded by the editorial committee and a couple of generous donors.  We collect just enough to publish one edition, at a time.  Going forward it is planned to organize voluntary funding from those who are interested to contribute from the batch who are part of the core group. Please feel free to attend a committee meeting or email the committee at with any questions on funding. Transparency and accountability are paramount and very important attributes of this endeavour. TML works on a skeleton crew entirely on a voluntary basis.

Who can be part of the editorial board?

Currently the Magazine board is a group of volunteers donating their time  working on the Magazine’s mission to inform, illuminate and initiate.  The current editorial members largely belong to the 1990 batch. These members are working towards  handing the reins over to the 1991 batch in 2022 who will  in turn then transition their responsibilities over to the 1992 batch in 2023, cascading it down to subsequent batches in similar fashion. However, anyone interested to be part of the team are invited and welcomed. In fact, we encourage and do need passionate, committed and creative members who are team players to join us and keep this flame burning.  Contact us at

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