The lights are ready. All the mics are checked. The musicians are setting their instruments and the vocalists are performing sound checks. Everyone is excited and bubbling with anticipation. This is exactly what every Sunday looks like. We are some of the first people to arrive. The campus is deserted, save for a peacock here and a boar there. Chatting away through the crispy air is the corporate service team all hyped for the day’s Corporate Service. The previous day, our team had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning making sure everything was working and the next day’s service would go without a hitch. In the days previous, we were all in the practice hall, sitting and singing our hearts out as we prayed, worshipped and worked to create the week’s set list. Investing everything we have to see Jesus working in the lives of us students. Our team is a lively lot. You would always find at least one of us making a ruckus in the CS Canteen at all times. Our enthusiasm runs endless. We carry this same spirit into the worship and fellowship.
From Tuesday fellowship to our Friday practices, we’re always excited when it comes to Jesus. Our Sunday service starts with a short prayer backstage and then the worship starts. The ushering team is ready to greet everyone. The audio and lights team hands are the backbone of the performance with all their tech stuff. On some Sundays, we might have one person signing out chords to the musicians on stage.  But shhhh! that’s a secret 😉 The service ends with the team taking photos and videos. This is a day to remember after all. Following which we have our signature scream of “REVIVALLL!” that choruses through the air. Yes, revival indeed, as we, the corporate service team strive to bring Jesus into the lives of Karunyans.
Wish us good luck 🙂


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