I was in 9th grade when suddenly one day, I experienced a severe stomach ache. Initially, I thought it was a normal pain that would go away after some time, and indeed it did. However, after a few days, I noticed a change in the color of my urine, and every time the color changed, I would experience stomach pain. I tried altering my diet, but it didn’t provide any relief.

Consequently, we consulted a doctor, and after a few visits, I was referred to a specialist in a nearby town. I underwent multiple tests at various intervals. I vividly recall one test where the color of my urine was yellowish-green. Despite trying different medications, my condition didn’t improve.

After numerous tests and consultations, the specialist was unable to diagnose the issue and referred me to Christian Medical College, Vellore, for a comprehensive medical checkup. Though my family planned to get an appointment, the process got delayed due to my 12th board exams.

After completing 12th grade, I sought guidance from God regarding my further education. I applied to several colleges, including Karunya. I secured a seat in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering at Karunya. I was excited, yet saddened at the prospect of leaving my family and residing in the hostel for the next 4 years.

On the day of joining, as a family, we arrived at Karunya. After joining and moving into the hostel with fellow students, it took some time to adjust to the new environment, food, and college life. One day, we were informed in the hostel that DGS uncle was visiting, and the 1st-year students could meet him and pray. I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet Uncle.

We went in batches to where Uncle was staying, and he addressed the students and offered prayers. When my turn came, we engaged in a brief conversation, and then he began to pray. During the prayer, I suddenly remembered my stomach pain, realizing that I hadn’t requested Uncle to pray for my healing. At that very moment, Uncle prayed for my stomach pain, and I felt a noticeable difference—I was instantly healed.

The varying colors of urine and the associated stomach ache never returned. I thank God for the healing I received that day through the great servant of God, our dear DGS Uncle. I also express my gratitude for the vision of Karunya, which continues to shape and produce beacons of various professions, carrying light and hope to a world filled with darkness and despair. My 4 years at Karunya were truly enriching, and as I reflect, I am grateful for the ways in which God has guided me.

Signing off with cherished memories from my time at Karunya.


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