On June 4, 2022, Nithya Ambati (daughter of Kiran Ambati 87-91) and Jesse Shorma tied the knot in the beautiful Camp Forest White Oak Chapel. The day was much anticipated by many and did not disappoint in the least. For the Ambatis and Shormas, their main desire was that the gospel would be shared and God would be glorified by the union of these two young people.  Gauging by the feedback received from the guests and all the Bible messages, testimonies and songs, it was clear that this prayer was answered.

The wedding day could not have happened without the prayer and practical help of numerous friends and family members. Many traveled from all over the country to be there a couple of days early and help our family with the many tasks that still needed to be done in the days leading up to the wedding. Not only did they provide helping hands, but their presence infused a sense of excitement and realism to Nithya.

The day before the wedding, Friday June 3, the couple hosted a Family Indian Party at the pavilion next to the White Oak Chapel. Nithya and Jesse, along with their siblings and cousins, got there early to decorate with brightly colored drapes and flowers to match the colorful Indian outfits of the guests in attendance. The goal of the party was to allow Jesse’s family to meet Nithya’s extended family.  As an ice-breaker the group played a huge game of musical chairs. Following a delicious Indian meal for lunch, Nithya’s cousins taught the group a short, upbeat Indian dance and everyone had fun learning and dancing to music. The camaraderie built during the party set the tone for Nithya and Jesse’s wedding the next day.

On Saturday, the bride and her sister and mother got to the venue, bright and early, to get ready.  A couple of Jesse’s sisters worked hard to decorate the chapel with beautiful flowers. The photographer arrived early to take pictures of the couple, the bridesmaids and groomsmen before the wedding. The ceremony began with a beautiful processional during which many started tearing up, including Kiran Ambati, the bride’s father. The ceremony included a wonderful Bible message from the officiant, the congregational hymn “Wonderful, Merciful Savior,” a song sung by the children “Jesus, Strong and Kind,” a unique unity ceremony, and of course, the vows and announcement of the new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Shorma.

The Bride’s family

The Ambatis

The Groom’s family

The Wedding

This cute couple met at a Bible camp about two years ago. Initially, looking at this petite Indian girl, Jesse thought that she was a kid and left it at that. But their mutual interest in Track and Field furthered the conversation and helped them to get to know each other more. The process of courtship of this couple was new to Nithya’s parents who are from India, where arranged marriages are a norm. With an initial text to his future father-in-law, Jesse asked permission to text Nithya to know her better. Next was an early morning breakfast meeting between Jesse and Kiran, where Jesse asked if he could continue the relationship with an intent to marry. The couple continued their long distance relationship (Jesse lives about 8 hrs drive from Nithya) for about a year and a half after which Jesse requested Kiran’s permission to ask for Nithya’s hand in marriage.  

All in all, the wedding day definitely exceeded Nithya and Jesse’s desires of all they wanted for their wedding day. It was a blessing to witness their strong love for each other which we know will only grow stronger. We are rejoicing in the fact that many family and friends heard the good news about Christ and we hope the wedding left them wanting to accept His invitation to spend eternity with Him in heaven.


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