Alumni magazines are a great concept, what’s not to like about them, seriously! They recapture all the nostalgia of youth and its seemingly happier and innocent times. They bring with them the opportunity to jumpstart friendships that succumbed to the strain of time and life. And then there’s the Alma Mater updates, with its constant change and growth, beyond recognition at times.

Well, all of it is true up until the initial euphoria dies down and plateaus out into a flatline. From thereon, what seemed like an exciting great idea assumes into a chore. There are meetings the members find half as exciting and half as eager to attend. Articles have to be chased down, compiled, edited after repeat reminders soliciting for content from the community. When there’s no glory or money it’s hard to motivate and incentivize.

With the impressive Alumni-size we possess one would assume content would be the least of our challenges, but nothing’s farther from the truth. There’s a constant gap and dearth for articles. We haven’t even talked about money yet, running a magazine costs and since we aren’t charging our readers someone’s got to pick up the tab. Finally, without its editorial ninjas the magazine could not have been put out as regularly as it has been for 8 subsequent issues like clockwork. The magazine after all, runs on volunteered time. Given all that, issue #8 of The Missing Link is a testament to the kind of Alumni that we Karunyans are. Please take a moment to celebrate the fact and also to share your love for your magazine through this blog. A kind word, a word of encouragement and constructive suggestions would all be great for the team that tirelessly churns out your/our Alumni magazine, The Missing Link quarterly.

We wish you joy and we wish you happiness but above all we wish you love with this Spring issue, 2023. 


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