Technically sound, Arun Matheshwaran’s “Captain Miller,” despite its fast pace, relentless action, and mindless violence, will leave you pondering: who exactly is Captain Miller? An unfocused captain whimsically takes up causes for dacoits, freedom fighters, and the so-called “children of lesser gods.” The unveiling of the hero, who resembles an idol unseen for 600 years, fails to make the desired impact. These flaws overshadow the efforts of Dhanush, who delivers a commendable performance. However, GV Prakash emerges as the true hero, with Sidhartha Nuni’s contribution being noteworthy. The visual splendor, provided by the IIT Madras EEE alumnus, is truly brilliant.

Overall, despite its technical prowess, “Captain Miller” falls short in coherence and narrative focus. The promise of a sequel is made, but one hopes that the trajectory of the story will be altered with more clarity and focus in the future.

Captain ….you won’t want to salute..


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