Dear Alumni,

It is my honour and privilege to write this foreword for THE MISSING LINK. This publication brings together memories and updates from our dear alma mater. As we look back on the years gone by with fond memories, it is heartening to see the impact that our alma mater has had on each and every one of us. The memories we made, the bonds we forged and the education we received during our time there undoubtedly continue to shape who we are today. Our alumni community is a true testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit.

Throughout the years, many of our alumni have gone on to achieve great success in their careers and community.  They continue to make us proud with their determination, creativity, and passion for making a difference.

Take a moment to think about the topics that are shaping the world we live in today- polarized world de-globalizing, a pandemic that’s hopefully over, a war that’s far from over, the lasting impact on health (physical and mental) and economies. Then look at technology advancements in Generative and Explainable AI, Gene editing etc., driving human progress but also tech layoffs and funding winters, driving the uniqueness of the world we live in, full of challenges and therefore opportunities along with the skepticism that we will soon lose the human touch.

However, I believe it is this human touch and relevance that has been and continues to be the fine layer which binds everything and everyone together enabling evolution and advancement in this world.

Why should you care? As we move forward and face new challenges, it is important that we are able to exploit the associated opportunities to success. Imagine the power of doing that together, connected to our roots and to each other. Therein lies THE SUCCESS CHAIN that we have the potential to create, with over 35,000 alumni across the world. Our intent, attitude and ability to stay connected will drive great strength, success and happiness for all of us.

THE MISSING LINK (TML) is a platform to do just that, keeping us updated on the latest news and developments at our alma mater, learning about multiple topics and providing opportunities to reconnect with friends and classmates. TML provides the opportunity to empathize, educate and energize all of us which is much needed in today’s world to ensure well-being.

In this edition of our alumni magazine, we highlight some of the most inspiring stories from our community offering a glimpse into the many ways our alumni are making a positive impact on the world. There are also updates on the growth and expansion of our beloved University.

I hope that as you read these articles, you will feel a sense of pride and connection to our unique community. Whether you graduated last year or many decades ago, we share an enduring bond that connects us to each other and to our alma mater. So, let us take a moment to appreciate the path we have travelled and the accomplishments we have made. I encourage you to browse through these pages, rekindle old memories, and make new connections.

Thank you for your continued support of TML, and I hope you enjoy this edition of our magazine. Come, be part of “THE SUCCESS CHAIN”.

Wishing you all the best,

Gopal VK

Dallas, Texas


PS – If you’ve read this far, let me tell you a secret. Chat GPT wrote the English words for me, and I just added a dash of feeling and a dose of emotion to connect with you all. Welcome to the new world of Artificial Intelligence!!!


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