Don’t be Afraid!

My daughter managed to spoil a brand-new sandals that she had worn to school one particular day. The sole of the sandal was completely ripped out. I was annoyed when I saw it and I scolded her for not being careful with her things. Many days later when I saw the spoilt sandals and I brought it up again she told me the reason why it happened. She said the school bus in which she comes home after school every day had started to move and so she had run to catch up with it so that it doesn’t leave her and go. As soon as I heard it my heart went out to her. I imagined the fear that might have gripped her 6.5-year-old heart. The split second where her young brain thought she may miss the bus and be stranded in school. And that thought made her run so fast that she ripped her brand-new sandals. What I felt cannot be explained. I felt protective. I felt the need to have been there for her when it happened. I told her “Don’t be afraid! Even if the bus leaves you mummy or daddy will come to bring you home”. I assured her. And certainly, that is what I would have done had my daughter missed the bus.

This was a very small insignificant incident. But many days later the realization hit me as to how very alike are God’s reactions when we are afraid. Doesn’t He always step in and say “Don’t be afraid”? Doesn’t He always assure us that whatever happens I’m there for you my child?

When a human maternal heart like mine reacted so quickly and passionately to my child’s distress how much more will the all-loving maternal heart of God react when His child is in distress or fear?

So much more!!


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