The guests on our Panel Talk for the Entrepreneur Spotlight episode #5 are Ms. Steffi and Dr. Hepzibah.

Steffi has not one but two startups that she founded and manages. If you add the one by her husband that’s three startups in her household. Steffi is a mother to a two year old boy who she watches at home without relying on external help, not even from her family. Her energy and compassion towards humanity is exemplary. And she becomes our first woman entrepreneur to be featured on the Magazine’s Entrepreneur Spotlight section.

 Dr. Hepzibah represents another first for The Missing Link by being the first Karunya staff member to appear on the Panel Talk which until this episode represented only the voices of  Alumni guests.

With her extensive teaching service, 25 years to be precise, and her involvement with various student clubs, she brings insight to the current entrepreneurial culture and mindset in Karunya. She also discusses several efforts that are underway to promote entrepreneurship among Karunya students in general, and among women students, in particular. In this conversation, we explore ways of bridging gaps with the support of our Alumni, through organizations such as Karunya Alumni Business Network.

Ms. Steffi  closes out by sharing what she uses as her roadmap in bringing order into her personal life and efficiencies to her businesses, using specific examples. It was further interesting to note that two of the shout-outs one from Dr. Hepzibah and the other from Steffi went to Mr. Samson Selladurai and Mr. Vishal Nair respectively both of who are past guests on our previous Entrepreneur Spotlight episodes.

Be sure to give it a listen and provide feedback on how we could make this better and a value-add for you.


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