Farhana is a bold step in the compromises made by an individual amidst the mundane wrestling with life’s insecurities and the entanglements that ensue.

Nelson Venkatesh and team, with a handpicked cast, have spelt out how technology today is the solution to the wants and vagaries of individuals and the dangers of choices made.

The director with meaningful dialogues has emphasized that having a shoulder to lean on and a soul to appreciate the longings of a tired heart is a luxury many can’t afford, and when one turns to technology and it traps you, one needs to talk. Definitely the need of the hour

Aishwarya, Ramesh, Selvaraghavan, and Kitty excel. The young man as a technical assistant calling Aishwarya Akka catches your attention. Dream Warriors needs a special mention for this choice of script, which will empower many. JustinĀ Prabakar’s music is promising. Cinematography and editing getting a passing grade. The second half makes up for the meandering of the first. Farhana, this lady is special. An educational must-watch.


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