Dear TML readers,

It gives me great joy to write to you all. It was not so long ago that the future looked so bleak and uncertain as we battled COVID-19. Many of us even lost loved ones to it. The economy went for a toss and the message from the markets was not very encouraging, either. But somewhere deep down in our hearts, there was this great hope that said, “hum honge kaamiyaab” (We shall overcome). Defeating all the predictions of modern doomsday prophets, the pandemic did come to an end. With the help of The Divine, we got back up on our feet and started to walk again. Just about now, we have hit our marching stride to the beautiful rhythm of life. Our children have started to dream again and visionary leaders have taken up the challenge to build an exciting tomorrow for future generations.

As we are marching into this rebuilding process with great hope, these three things will help a community to forge together and build a stronger future.

Family – commune together
A family is where it all begins. It is the cradle where societies are born. When a family increases in numbers, over time it becomes a community with various functions. COVID did put us in a box where the family was all we had as human contact. Over the years, the home had just become a place to eat and to sleep. Members rushed out of the house at different hours of the morning and returned at different hours of the evening and hardly had any communion between themselves. A dysfunctional society is a reflection of dysfunctional families. When families become functional and strong, a stronger society that is high in moral values and rich in culture will rise.

Politics based on principles
In a democracy, our votes determine the leadership and that decision should be based on sound principles. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Politics without principles is a sin”. Polarization and communal passions should not be the umpires of our life.  The primary role of a political system is to build an inclusive, tolerant, and progressive society where everyone has an equal opportunity to excel in life. During COVID, we found that certain pockets had access to health care, while others did not. For many, it meant life or death. This was a universal phenomenon that prevailed all over the world. Society as a whole should unite to build a robust political system that wages a war against unemployment, unequal distribution of wealth, and poverty.

Sync with Nature
The pandemic also exposed our total ignorance and disconnect with nature. None of us, except medical professionals, knew how a virus operates and how nature is designed to protect us. Well, it’s time to embrace our relationship with nature.  Our forefathers grew up surrounded by nature while our children are growing up in concrete jungles.. A lot of our immunity building happens when we spend time with nature. I have taken this seriously and I travel and go for nature walks every weekend. I can already see the ‘transformation’ in my life. Guys and gals, start communing with nature and enjoy the benefits and the joy that come from it. .

As we look forward to a glorious future with great hope, let us ponder over these three missing links in our lives, make the necessary course corrections, and resume our life’s mission with greater confidence. I now invite you our dear TML readers to dive into this Christmas edition of ‘The Missing Link – December 2022’ and feast upon the collage of articles, reviews, and testimonies which shall surely strengthen you to march forward to an exciting New Year 2023.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year 2023.


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