Ambassadors of Love: To Walk Far, Walk Together

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am delighted to connect with all of you through the TML platform as we near the end of 2023. Another remarkable year is drawing to a close, and it’s a time for both reflection and anticipation.

The phrase “To walk far, walk together” encapsulates the spirit of unity, connection, and the universal bond that binds humanity. In a world often divided by borders, cultures, and differences, this simple yet profound statement reminds us of the significance of solidarity and collaboration.

Today, we live in a fast-paced, interconnected world. It’s easy to become engrossed in our personal lives, pursuing individual goals and ambitions. The pursuit of material wealth, status, and personal achievements often consumes our time and energy, leaving little room for acts of kindness and empathy. Despite significant advances in technology and science, it seems that we’ve gradually lost touch with our humanity. The thirst for attention and fame sometimes makes us indifferent to the plight of others, causing us to forget our basic duties as human beings.

In recent times have witnessed various challenges and crises that have tested our collective human consciousness. Natural disasters such as Libyan floods, Moroccan earthquakes, East African droughts, pandemics like Covid-19, social and political conflicts in certain parts of the world, and economic disparities emphasize the importance of working together as a global community to address these issues. We must remember that we are part of nature and that each one of us affects the whole. In today’s interconnected global landscape, the world relies on every nation for its daily needs, including essential commodities like food and fuel.

At Karunya, which means “merciful and compassionate,” we are trained to serve as ambassadors of love, not only for our alma mater but also for the communities in which we live. When we join hands, hearts, and efforts, we can achieve great things, both as individuals and as a global community. With over 35,000 alumni worldwide, our actions, words, and deeds can inspire people around us to embrace kindness, inclusivity, and understanding. Through shared experiences and a common purpose, we can bridge divides, break down barriers, and spread love and compassion throughout the world. Whether it’s through charitable initiatives, mentorship programs, or simply being a role model of love and humanity, we can play a crucial role in spreading the message of love in the world.

Our connection with our alma mater is not merely rooted in nostalgia; it represents a commitment to upholding the values of love, empathy, and humanity, ensuring that these virtues continue to shine brightly in the world.

“To walk far, walk together” serves as a timeless reminder that our collective strength and interconnectedness have the potential to create a more harmonious and loving world for all.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year in 2024.


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