“No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.” – Robert Southey

Greetings for the new year 2024 and welcome to the first issue of the Missing Link magazine for the year! May this year bring you good and great things, health and wealth, joy and peace.

Karunya found the fulfilment of its dream in having its fourth batch enter its portals, when a fresh youthful batch of lads and lasses stood up in the Evangeline Auditorium to sing “All praise and glory to our Merciful King” in 1989. It’s the pride and privilege of the able stewards of this batch to present to you the Missing Link magazine for this year!

Isn’t it a wonder that the young, naïve, apprehensive, untrained lot of youth would grow up to be CEOs, GMs, Technology Ambassadors, Key leaders and players in their respective fields of expertise having gone through the crucible of learning, nurturing of the staff and management and blessing of the founders of Karunya? Wonder doesn’t cease and has continued to grow from a fledgling to an eagle soaring the pinnacles of success and glory for the past 38 years, Karunya has transformed itself from an institute to the University it is today!

We are not here to talk about its achievements and glory but to nurture and treasure the friendships formed, acquaintances made and to reminisce on the memories created. Memories abound of girls draped in sarees piling into the College bus on their way to the auditorium while the men folks walk through fields and streams. The masses that tread the beaten path to the hostels for lunch and back, the notes and snacks that were passed around during lectures, and frogs that were drop into our lab coats unawares!

The excruciating wait for the three-phase change at 10:00 pm, bedsheet treatment, nightly walks to the Electrical labs invariably after 10:00 pm are hard to dismiss.

Late-night chats, laughter and the aroma of cooking on a hot plate that brought curious SRA’s to the door, memos for hobnobbing, long queues waiting for that one telephone are vivid memory.

The regular silence hour magnified the majesty of the hills, the taste of the Siruvani water, the silvery streams that cascaded down these mountains made for heavenly bliss. As the 59 bus rumbled its way to Karunya, the child or the unsuspecting basket of vegetables that got occasionally tossed on the lap of unsuspecting student passengers. The empathetic driver made frequent stops to drop off food, flowers and merchandise all along the way in service of loyal patrons. Assemblies, culturals, Inter-college sports, all-night prayers, the healing service were amalgamating experiences, but the list goes on. Memories live on and many more are made to this day.

Never did I find it fair that the girls had to wear a light blue saree with a white blouse for the uniform, which was mocked as corporation cleaners uniform while the boys would come with gray pants, white shirts, light blue ties and a navy blue blazer. Yet, we gladly wore them with pride. Were those slights and mockery preparations to handle life’s trials for the future I do not know. But I know that the learning inspired humility, kindness and modesty in us and moulded us to be Soldiers of GOD even now.

Here’s a platform to share the precious memories from the past knowledge and experiences gained in the present and dreams for the future, reconnect with the multitudes who have passed through the portals of Karunya and join together to create a strong and united Alumni. Here’s a call to every one of you to create an album of memories by sending in your contributions to us. Do make an effort to enrich the lives of fellow Karunyans by sharing your memories, experiences and expertise.


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