Memories are so special and stay with you forever. Fear of losing our identity, makes us cling to memories. Graduating after my golden college days, as is typical of any middle-class young man out of a small town in Tamil Nadu, I had this burning desire to reach great heights professionally. I started a new phase of life and mounted  a wild career horse.  It took off too early and galloped at a furious pace, rapidly whisking me away from my originality, my earthy sense of humor, and  childlike behavior.

As life went on, I suddenly realized, that in this headlong rush to achieve my lofty aspirations I’d lost the sweet and charming realities that I loved. I did halt and try to dismount this horse and to regain that originality, but the urgent voice in my head always said “Moses,  it’s too late.  You raced too far ahead to look back”

I gave up after a couple of tries and focused on riding an even wilder horse, this time. Yes, it is  my profession. Grabbing every single opportunity that came my way I started climbing the career ladder to reach the pinnacle, all the while thinking that it was the purpose of my life.

Life does throw miracles at you sometimes, believe me.  It turns you around to your PURPOSE.

God sent an angel called ” Kiara” into my life last year.  She is my granddaughter, a gift from God.   

Spontaneously and without any conscious  effort, the child in me started to emerge.  I began to see the same sweet little qualities I had in me, come alive. The humor, the laughter, the joy that had been suppressed for so long sprang up for the whole world to see. It’s ME, the original me is still alive.  

In the pursuit of my purpose, I am now rediscovering my childhood, the definition of my being and my long term passion – HUMOR. 

I thank God for sending my angel Kiara and  rekindling my passion and directing me to my original and true PURPOSE.


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