“I’ll joyfully rest on your loving arms, Lord!”

One thing this pandemic period has taught me is “To blindly trust and to patiently rest in God’s loving arms.” So I’ll rest (not be anxious but joyfully work on my God-given dreams) in Him and not be worried. I’ll enjoy the journey to the shore by knowing Him more and of His love for me.

I need not worry. 

For my God hasn’t forgotten me and He’s working 

on His promises that may be delayed 

but not denied. 

When it does reach me, 

It’ll be in perfect bountiful measure, 

surpassing my expectations. 

Then I will rejoice 

for it’ll be worth the wait. 

And I will sing thousand thankful songs to Him

 for not swiftly answering my prayers 

and also for the ones’ He did not answer 

that only had more harm in store, 

which I clearly did not know. 

My Lord knows me better than I know myself. 

He leads me in the right path, 

though it doesn’t seem that way,

 but only dark. 

He denied the smaller blessings that

I pleaded for and He purposely made me wait

And prepared me for the bigger blessings

 that my mustard mind did not dream of.

 It’s surprising that this season of waiting

was in His plan too. 

What else do I need? 

Who else do I have to look up to? 

When my God has already 

planned the sailing path,

 I only need to rest 

in the boat alongside Him. 

The scary storm 

doesn’t dare to overturn me, 

because of the One beside me. 

Yes, I can find joy 

in the middle of the storm. 

I can find comfort in the highest of tides, 

the same as in the lowest. 

My God is mindful of me;

He is mindful of my wishes and wants.

  I will lack nothing. 

All that my heart desires 

will be granted 

in grand measures by Him. 

Man can only give me a handful, 

but my God a world-full. 

The map is in His hands. 

I, sometimes in silliness, 

wander and get lost, 

but He graciously brings me

 back to the path of His plan. 

I’m a lot impatient with the delay, 

but he patiently makes me 

understand that His time is perfect 

and the waiting won’t be wasteful, 

but fruitful indeed;  And He alone 

is capable of leading me home. 

Bigger the blessing is, 

bigger will be the responsibility. 

Now I know, 

He trained me harder 

to be stronger, 

so that I may find comfort 

and joy amidst the mightiest storms,

 so that it may not devour me, but I.


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