‘’Puthu veedu, Puthu carru, puthu wifeu – Kalakkure Chandru’ was a popular catch-phrase line of an ad in the eighties/nineties wherein the longevity of the paints was compared to the person’s wife and car and life itself.  After some time, this dialogue was repeated by  an onlooker every now and then. In a matter of time, his car and wife begin to look old, but the building’s paint still looked new, humorously conveying the paint’s longevity through the ad. Such was the popularity of this ad, even a movie adopted this as its title later on.

Can paint really last as long as the lifetime of a man? Though it’s debatable, the fact remains that human life, however fragile, is still the greatest gift that God has given to us – with life abundant and the life after. I can hear the murmurings grow as soon as I mentioned life after death. Is it legitimate or is it not? 

Similarly, another question is, whether there is God or not? Yet another fiercely debated topic amongst atheists and freethinkers, agnostics and evangelicals. 

We are all expected to manage risks at our workplaces, and the best strategy is to eliminate risks, if we can’t then mitigate them. What if there is God and life after death and we are not prepared for it. Not prepared to face God the Creator. How will we face the risk of being held accountable for our actions on earth? 

Believe it or not, It all started at the Garden of Eden by Mr Serpent..a crafty pitching in of a quarter manipulation, a half-truth and a full lie..to usurp the life and authority from man and take over the rule of the world. 

The Serpent offered man a bait, that he will be like God in knowing good and evil. The bait seems tasteful, as a half-truth, that man would come to know the good and evil. But, alas! he could never become like God – the other side of the bait was the hook. He cleverly disguised the fact that man can never be like God in handling the evil that was the serpent himself. The full unadulterated lie was you will not die. Death entered for sure, and we live it. 

The deceptive takeover was then completed by malicious words heard by their ears, fruit seen by their eyes and desired by the mind of Mother Eve, and the forbidden fruit eaten by her mouth. All input faculties were involved in the fall of man.  

Now, the redemption was amazingly completed by hearing the gospel by our ears, desiring and seeing the cross of salvation by our eyes and feeding on the holy communion by our mouth.

That was life and life in abundance through the cross, that everyone who looks to the cross truly can be the ‘Kalakkure Chandru’ to me. with the present and future life enviably joyful. The joy of puthu veedu and puthu life is always with him. 

It was a sweet merger to defeat the bitter takeover by Satan. The merger to become one with God, becoming  God’s own children, by His adoption to sonship. Bread and wine through Holy communion merged us with God and redeemed us from what was lost through the forbidden Fruit. 

Are you ready to take the life insurance with Jesus? Eliminate the risk. Sign up for the merger. Kalakure Chandru


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