With the vagaries of life thrown our way in different phases, keeping life simple is slowly becoming a challenge. The complexity of the human brain is manifest in the various solutions you find to a problem. Discuss one with even four of your inner circle; you will see different perspectives. Each solution is a reflection of one’s experience and, many times, may not suit your style. Still, you are educated.
I adopted this policy late and find it fun and beneficial.
The KISS policy Keep it simple, stupid.
A system design principle was coined by the US Navy in the 1960s. The mantra to be adapted is that most processes or designs work best if they’re kept simple. Added unnecessary complexity only creates trouble and should be avoided at all times.
I felt that this was a great principle to follow in life too. Choices made should be simple, well-weighed, and add happiness. Be careful who you take counsel from. When confused, advice that does not suit your personality or lifestyle will only add new challenges. But then, cares shared is a vent and often makes you feel like you are not alone. You need to do it from time to time, but choose share with someone who will never throw it back at you. Instead of dwelling on the complexity of the situation, look at ways in which the situation would benefit you and your loved ones. Look for opportunities in the situation that will make you stronger and make lifestyle changes, which will include things you liked doing in the past or people you loved being with whom you reduced due to the changing commitments in life at different phases.
Smile, make light of the situation, and laugh at yourself with good people who will build you. Our happiness is only decided by the choices we make and how we choose to view anything. The pursuit of happiness again, in simple terms, adds flavor to life. Remember, everything is reversible except loss of life. Laugh, love, don’t overshare yet, smile, do small things you love, and keep going. There will always be more successful people, more talented people, and more anything than us. But remember, we already have what is due to us, and there is always more to come. Never benchmark yourself with the seeming success or prosperity of others. We have come halfway through life, and we are so much more blessed than most. So kiss life and embrace every change with a smile. Each day is a gift, so KISS.


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