Lavanya was a girl so dear to my heart. I still remember her from the first day she joined college. Classes had started for our batch by the time she joined. I still vividly recall the first time she came to class, it was during our carpentry lab and she looked beautiful in a blue and white cotton saree. As soon as she joined us somehow the whole class became lively. She had a naturally friendly disposition, so she quickly mesmerized me as well. She was the chatterbox of our class. We both opted for the Civil Engineering branch so I naturally interacted more with this beautiful soul. 

Though sometimes I didn’t fully understand her, I knew deep in my heart that she was innocent, kind and genuinely loved me. I remember how she always appreciated nature and animals. She used to have  a pet cat named “Boris Becker”. 

She was respectful and obedient to everyone including all the teachers. What intrigued me most was her love for the LORD. She used to spend a lot of time in prayer. She had an amazing ability to memorize Bible verses. Whenever anyone was feeling low and troubled, she used to comfort them, pray with them and motivate them in her own style. 

She maintained a good relationship with the entire class and also all the hostel inmates. She was friendly with the juniors, and they lovingly called her Akka. 

After we left college, she continued to keep in touch with me. She was the first person from our batch who contacted me through Facebook. Sometimes I wonder why she didn’t share her diagnosis of cancer with me. Maybe she didn’t want me or anyone to worry. She shouldered the entire burden. When my father was diagnosed with brain tumor, I remember she prayed for him through the phone. Now I know that when she prayed for him, cancer was eating her, her unconditional love brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. 

Even though she left us all too soon, I am sure that she is with the Lord without any pain and suffering. I believe she didn’t marry  because she was so in love with the LORD.  I live in the hope that we will surely meet again on that beautiful shore. I can imagine how pretty she will look clothed in glory!!! These is a memoir of Ammu(I call her so) written with all my love.


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