Loving you in the salty air

That breezes down the coast,

It’s the beauty in the details

And the sand between our toes.

Have you ever sailed on an ocean

Leaving indelible marks on your heart?

Deep below the surface of this ocean

Lies a silent whisper, where love starts.

Have you ever felt that feeling

Of deep calmness within, that’s hard to fight?

And no one could help but believe

That you’re always striving for what is right?

Loving you is like the ocean

It’s deep and very long,

Sometimes it’s still and calm

But underneath it’s very strong.

Loving you is like the ocean

It extends miles in all directions,

You could sink for hours and still not know

The weight of my affections.

Oh! just how deep my feelings flow

Storing memories in every drop of it’s river,

Only the ocean knows all about you and me

That we will love each other forever.


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