Vishal, S.J. Surya

“In a workspace that feels eerily familiar for 24 hours, a scientist invents a telephone that, when dialed, has the power to reshape the past to create the future of your desires. Adik Ravichandran takes us on another time travel journey, where the scions of influential figures dare to tamper with time itself.

The film is a rollercoaster ride, filled with craziness, humor, mindlessness, and unabashed audacity. However, the overindulgence in costumes, props, and set design, initially amusing, quickly spirals into an overdose. The pace of the movie is so relentless that it leaves you with no one else in mind but the director.

If you assumed Vishal played the leading role, you’d be mistaken. It’s SJ Surya who carries the film on his shoulders. His performance is nothing short of captivating, leaving no room for others to shine. The rest of the cast fades into obscurity. The uncanny resemblance among the Smiths is a detail you can’t miss.

Unfortunately, Vishal’s performance falls short, and the climax puts your patience to the test. The excesses could have been pruned. Nonetheless, it’s worth a single viewing, primarily for S.J. Surya’s extraordinary performance and the novelty the film brings to the table. You can catch it on an OTT platform at your leisure, there’s no rush.

“Mark Anthony” falls short of making a lasting impact, earning a 2.5/5 rating.”


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