Hi friends! I am Karthik Armugam and I hail from Devakottai. I graduated in Mechanical engineering in the year 1997.

To study engineering itself was a dream come true. Added to that was my glorious experience in Karunya. I vividly remember my first day in Karunya. As the bus pulled into Karunya, my eyes caught the cloud filled mountains and the many waterfalls that looked like streaks of silver. A gentle cool breeze was blowing across and a slight drizzle caught my face. All my anxiety about studying engineering vanished away with nature’s cool welcome. It still remains the most unforgettable day.

Hostel life was the best. I can truly say, “Home away from home”. So many of us from very different backgrounds, languages and cultures, all living together in harmony was great. We stood for each other back then and we still do, to this day. This made our Karunya hostel life unique. I really liked the mess and its menu. I still fondly remember the cake and tea served in the evenings, parotta on Wednesdays and biriyani  on Sundays. Who can forget the midnight tea during study holidays!

I made some great friends while in Karunya, both from my batch and from other batches. Hostel life made that possible. Shiva and Ramesh who were my first year roommates are till date my best buddies. During the final year, all of us batchmates became very close.

I am a nature lover and I have gone on many trekking expeditions around Karunya. Playing volleyball was my passion and I try my hand at it even now. All this made my stay in Karunya very beautiful. We had many  fun moments in KIT. The most memorable moment was the holi celebrations and we smearing color powder on our 

HOD. He was very gracious and enjoyed the moment with us. I am currently placed in an MNC and I work and live in Chennai. I take this opportunity to thank the College and its management for this wonderful opportunity. Jai Hind!!

Karthik Armugam


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