You may think that navigating a complex world is overwhelming at times, in an incessant struggle to surmount obstacles and challenges each day. In a game of forever “catch up” to find good health and restore that balance, we often, wonder how the human body is able to weather constant pressure from an oversubscribed world that is thrust upon it. Little do you realize that deep down, there are some inherent dilemmas that are resolved each day. If you’re looking for a lasting cure, try a healthy diet of physiological pun. Let me caution you – it may taste like your own medicine. 

Warning: These puns are humerus and bone-shaking !

I went to the library to get a medical book on abdominal pain. Somebody had ripped the appendix out.

    • Two blood vessels fell in love but alas, it was all in vein.
    • An organ’s favourite boat is a blood vessel.
    • Why do your heart, liver and lungs all fit in your body? Because they are well organized
    • For years I was against organ transplants. Then I had a change of heart
    • The angry brain lost its nerve!
    • Statistically, nine out of ten injections are in vein.
    • What did the vein say to the pessimistic blood clot? Be positive.
    • When you get a bladder infection, urine trouble!
    • You can hear the blood in your veins if you listen varicosely.
    • We be-lung together!
    • When neurons commit a crime, they are put in a nerve cell.
    • A kidney’s favorite instrument is the organ.
    • If you steal someone’s heart, do you get cardiac arrested?
    • The brain is an amazing organ. It really makes you think
    • It takes some guts to be an organ donor.
    • The kidney said to the other “urine my thoughts!”
    • A brain goes on vacation to a hippo-camp-us!
    • A cardiologist keeps sending me x-rays of his chest. A bit weird I know but shows his heart is in the right place.
    • When the lung fell in love it took its breath away.


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