• With Christmas round the corner, many kids around the world need to be extra-nice this year.
  • Inhabitants of the North Pole have had their fair share of problems recently not entirely of their own making. Climate change and Covid have impacted their lives too.
  • Global warming and climate change continue to cause travel delays for Santa’s sleigh. 
  • In addition to elf-abet and sleigh riding, new-hire elves had to take swimming lessons and undergo rigorous training for boat handling. This improved their elf-esteem.
  • Through his well-managed Supply Chain, Santa has committed to serving 7.8 billion customers using D2C (Direct to Chimney) delivery model with a successful record for hundreds of years.
  • Elf-Isolation issues – Some of the elves had to quarantine and faced travel restrictions in many countries. 
  • Rudolf was not making enough speed on the sleigh, partly due to the mask covering his red nose.
  • Some of the experienced elves retired early due to vaccine hesitancy related issues. They had traditionally relied on herd immunity.
  • Due to Covid health protocols & travel restrictions, many new elves were feeling Claus-trophobic.
  • Snowman was feeling dehydrated, had a runny nose and had to frequently change his melting ice caps. His breakfast ration of snowflakes was cut in half and he can no longer afford icebergers.
  • Hand Santa-tizer does not work on reindeer, they are not willing to rub their paws together. Children are reminded to regularly wash their hands with soap and water before opening gifts.
  • Amidst fears of a new variant emerging from Santa’s visits worldwide, WHO reminds children that Santa is immune to the virus and physical distancing is important. Canada has declared Santa an essential worker.
  • In spite of these minor inconveniences, Santa remains a super spreader of good cheer for children worldwide.


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