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PUSHPA – THE RISE, Telugu, 2022, 2 hrs 58 minutes, Mythri movie makers
Theatre release
Rise from coolie to Don through red sandalwood smuggling.

Pushparaj akin Pushpa born out of an extramarital affair is shunned by his father’s family. With his ingenious negotiation skills and street smartness Pushpa survives sibling and societal pressure and rises from rags to riches through his association with red sandalwood smugglers Konda Reddy and Mangalam Seenu. Srivalli is his prime motivation to go forward in life

Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna, Fahadh Faasil, Sunil, Ajay Gosh, Anushuya Baradwaj
Powerful casting is the USP of this movie, where each has vied with the other in performance be it the lead stars male and female or the villains each portrayed differently in characterization or demeanour. This puts the directors’ efforts on a different dimension. The protagonist Allu Arjun excels and captivates with his perfect and controlled performance. The detailing in his mannerisms deserves a special mention. Rashmika compliments his efforts and Fahadh Faasil has conjured a reaction that makes one wonder what will unravel in the sequel




Sukumar- Direction and Story

Miroslaw Kuba Brozek – Cinematographer

Devi Sri Prasad – Music

Resul Pookuttty – Sound Engineer

Anthony L. Ruben, Karthika Srinivas – Editor

 Naveen, Ravi Shankar, Mohan – Producer

Ganesh Acharya, Bunny, Johnny- Choreographers

Peter Hain – Stunt

The Sukumar, Allu Arjun and DSP trio have evoked a totally different response in the audience through this gripping, entertaining and intense script. Miroslaw and Rasool Pookutty the Polish Indian combo who provide the visual and aural treat are definitely the off-screen heroes who have created an immersive effect for the audience by the augmentation of visual effects through the aural ones. This has enhanced the enjoyable moments in the movie. The sound designer has made his presence felt in this flick. The magic in Editor Reubens scissors is undoubtedly on the rise with each of his endeavours.
Wow moments

Plenty Be it the dialogues, romance, the stunts or the dance sequence.

The Konda Reddy, Pushpa, Mangalam Seenu clash in the forest with Pushpa and henchmen fighting in water is a visual treat. Srivalli Pushpa romance is set interestingly. The song sequences with awesome movements choreographed with the best of talents like Ganesh Acharya and Jhani master is commendable. Samantha’s item number has created ripples.



Director Sukumar’s creativity and casting skills have undoubtedly made Pushpa a box office magic. A wonderful team with the best of technicians has made this flick a treat on the silver screen.  

Pushpa is undoubtedly a laurel wreath for Sukumar’s execution.

Take home

Pushpa is the outcome of sensational teamwork and amazing leadership.

A, B & C centres
Painstakingly created and neatly presented with an allure for all kinds of audience.



Super Duper Hit

They may ask say oo or oohoo. But worldwide it is ooo
Film Score

4.5 out of 5


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