A Joyous Chennai Homecoming: Uniting Hearts Across Borders in Matrimony


Psalm 127:3 says Children are a gift from God and we, as a family, believe wholeheartedly that Rachel, Rachlynn and Raemon, our children are indeed gifts from God.

I am Raja Vassanthan an alumnus of Karunya 1988-1992 batch Electronics & Communication Engineering, married to my beloved wife Usha for the past 26 years.

Rachel Wedding 1

Having children is really a gift from God and I am going to share with you my journey of how my eldest daughter Rachel was given in marriage. Hang in with me as I journey with you.

On the radiant morning of June 9th, the city of Chennai, India, witnessed a great celebration of love and union as Rachel (my daughter) and Yogesh, both hailing from Chennai but settled in Singapore, came together to solemnize their bond in the presence of God, cherished family and close friends. The occasion was a culmination of heartwarming traditions, emotions, and a blend of cultures.

From meticulous planning, to the heartwarming moments of giving away a beloved daughter, this wedding was an embodiment of love, togetherness, and gratitude.

A Reunion of Hearts: Singaporean-Chennai Connection

Born to Chennai families that had migrated and settled in Singapore, Rachel and Yogesh had the unique opportunity to grow up amidst the vibrant multicultural milieu of the small island nation of Singapore while remaining deeply rooted in their Indian heritage. The couple’s families had a cherished history in Chennai, with close family members and relatives still residing in the city. Thus, choosing Chennai as the wedding destination was a heartfelt decision, uniting loved ones from across borders.

A Journey of Love

The wedding journey kicked off with a sweet proposal planned by Yogesh (Bridegroom) on the 20th August 2022. This was followed by a Mehendi night on 9th Dec 2022 and official engagement ceremony on the 11th Dec 2022. Both these ceremonies were so challenging as it was right in the midst of the cyclone Mandous.

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Rachel Wedding 4

The ever-unstoppable shopping of different items for the couple and the family, members for different occasions, selection of wedding gown and suit for the wedding, did not make us tired, but got us more excited as D Day approached.

A Journey of Challenges

The planning of a cross-border wedding is no small feat, and our families embraced this challenge wholeheartedly. As residents of Singapore, we embarked on a journey that traversed time zones and cultures to orchestrate an unforgettable celebration on Indian soil. From selecting the ideal venue for wedding & Reception to coordinating with local vendors for catering, decor, and logistics, accommodation for guests etc., each step was a challenge undertaken with dedication and love.

Rachel Wedding 5

We chose to have the wedding solemnization at the prestigious St Andrew’s Church “The Kirk” – Egmore, which is a beautiful monumental structure with over 200 years of cultural heritage and above all the presence of God was so evident in the church.

Since we were expecting over 750 guests for the wedding, selecting a place for the reception was a major challenge. Hunting every venue possible, we decided to hold the reception at “M Weddings and Convention centre – Vanagaram because of the Classique interiors and facilities. We wanted the guests to feel that the place is not too cramped and hence this location. Though far off from the city, it turned out to be the perfect venue for the reception.

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A Day of Precious Moments

The wedding day itself was a panorama of emotions. Rachel, adorned in resplendent bridal attire, walked down the aisle alongside my wife Usha and I. The moment was a poignant reminder of the bittersweet joy of giving away a beloved daughter. 

Amidst the traditional wedding service, filled with relatives from both sides, the wedding was a harmonious symphony of cultures. The significant and sure presence of God as the 1st of the 3 persons in the marriage was a confirmation of a divine union.

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All the guests were treated to a gastronomic delight, with an amazing choice of food spread. The celebratory atmosphere was punctuated by heartfelt speeches, lively music, and the collective joy of families reuniting.

A Grateful Beginning

As Rachel and Yogesh begin this new chapter of their lives together, Usha and I reflect on the journey that has led them to this moment. The challenges of planning the wedding from Singapore, the excitement of witnessing our daughter’s happiness, and the pride of passing on traditions seamlessly interweave into a tapestry of emotions. Looking back, we are grateful for the smooth conduct of the wedding and the overwhelming support of family and friends.


The wedding of Rachel and Yogesh was not merely an event; it was a testimony to the enduring power of love, the strength of cultural connections, and the beauty of unity. It reaffirmed that love and family, tie hearts together. As life continues for the newlyweds, Usha and I remain thankful for the blessings that have culminated in this memorable union and look forward to the future with hearts brimming with joy and gratitude.


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