Our batch of 96′ celebrated ReLive 2022 in the Karunya Campus on the 18th July where 67 of us came together along with twenty of our family members from all around the

world. It’s been 30 years since we first met in July of 1992. Each of us fondly remember the day we arrived in Karunya. A cool drizzle greeted us and there was a rainbow in the sky. We were awestruck by the many waterfalls that laced the Siruvani hills surroundings. 

30 years later, when we arrived at Karunya, there was this spectacular rainbow in the sky and a cool drizzle greeting us one more time.

The reunion in Karunya was all about honoring God and our teachers for all that they have invested in our lives. We are what we are today because of them. We attended the morning assembly, and three of us spoke at the assembly. It was a blessing to interact with a student strength of 7000. The ReLive management and teachers felicitation event commenced in the Elohim auditorium at 10 am where many testimonies were shared. We had a great time interacting with the staff, both teaching and non-teaching who had taught us 26 years ago.

We then felicitated all the heads of departments, teachers and the university authorities with our uniquely designed mementos! This was followed by a much awaited and eagerly anticipated campus tour. Revisiting our old classrooms was priceless. The nostalgia we had cannot be explained in words.


We had a chance to visit our old rooms where we stayed for four years, and sat on the beds and chairs that we once used.

It did bring tears to our eyes. Memories of yester years flooded our minds. We laughed to our hearts’ content,  remembering those special moments known only to us as friends.

We wanted to have a full experience of the college and requested Prof. Dr. Daphy Inbasekar, Head of Alumni Affairs to arrange for lunch in the hostel mess. The management was gracious in hosting lunch for us in the ‘mess’. It was truly a Re-Live moment. We got to experience it all, college, hostel and ‘mess’ life, all in one day. We want to thank the Founders, management and staff of Karunya University for hosting us and facilitating us to conduct ReLive 2022. All of us and  our families carried back fond memories which we shall cherish for the rest of our lives.       


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