KIT 87-91 batch reunion!! This round it was proposed we hold this reunion in the south. That coincided nicely with Nagaraj’s daughter’s wedding. Our batch sprang into action and most promised Nagaraj, that they would attend the marriage and along with it the getto. The wedding hall was more or less like a pre getto. Once we signed off from the wedding program, the party got started.

While a group of us indulged in posing for the photo shoot, another  group took off for a boat ride to the Vivekananda Rock and the Tiruvaluavar Statue. Later in the evening, all of us assembled for some kadalai at the Kanyakumari shore. As usual Naga [Civil] took the centre stage.

Next morning, we headed for Thottipalam [Tank Bridge], which by itself is a construction miracle built in the seventies to bring water across the mountains. 

Next in the itinerary was the Tiruparappu water falls, but not everyone agreed. Yet, no one was disappointed, as one of the coaches headed to the waterfalls while the other went to the lunch spot.

Lunch was organized at Bharath’s farm, the location itself is a jungle resort and the lunch was delectable with traditional Nagercoil / Kerala dishes. 

After lunch we visited Jebaresh’s factory. It reminded all of us, of an industrial visit during our college days. We even had a few mins to play shuttle badminton at his indoor shuttle court.

Next, Beatrice warmly welcomed us to visit her sister’s house for evening tea. That was the last itinerary of this memorable trip to the south by the KIT 87-91 batch.

Sarathy was unusually quiet this time, maybe because Michael and Andy were not there or because his wife was there. She is an amazing lady and she has a very high regard for Sarathy…” மனைவி அமைவதெல்லாம் இறைவன் கொடுத்த வரம்” (A good wife is God’s blessing), she says. Even if her father were alive to seek a groom for her, he wouldn’t have got for her a person like Sarathy. Sarathy was kind enough to drop us off at Madurai.

Selvakumar the lone ranger, he was again caught between family and friends and got drumbeats from both sides but the fellow had the bandwidth to take it. He got a taste of his own medicine, of being van bound when we took off from Beatrice’s place to Jeberesh’s place…he was literally begging us to spare him of that travel…’இப்படிதான இருக்கும் எங்களுக்கு (“We also feel this way bro”).

Naga [Civil] was unleashed…he played the groom at the wedding and the corpse at the funeral. There were many victims because of him…ஒரு பய வாய திறக்க முடியல (no one could open their mouth). The families enjoyed his entertainment too.

Arulraj, as usual, was game and was in his elements in the room but in the crowd, he was overshadowed by Naga [Civil]…he was also one of the victims.

DJP, Felix, Sankar and Sasi, as usual clicked together…if Mike had come, their impact would have been greater…

Binu was a great motivator…motivated many guys into serving others…I could see her taking extra effort to connect with many guys. She was so thoughtful to bake a yum dessert for all of us. I am sure this attention to detail is a regular feature for her in every other aspect as well…except that she failed to silence Naga.

Susheela was quietly enjoying all the sessions and enjoying quietness and solitude as well. She was the quietest of the girls. Wish she was also talkative like Beatrice… so we can know her more. I enjoy teasing her.

Now, that reminds me of Beatrice…she was unplugged. It only shows that during our college days she put up a great pretence to make us believe that she was a quiet girl. But it was so nice to see her carefree spirit and her infectious cheer.

Phebin was another bomb…இந்த புள்ளைக்குள்ள இவ்வளவு குறும்பான்னு (This girl is so naughty?)…her husband was also game and wise to let her free and vanish. She took a lot of effort to be here with us.

Balaji was as usual, quietly mischievous and a great sport. He was kind enough to travel an extra 400 kms to get me to the getto. School friendna சும்மாவா (Being a school friend is a great thing).

Siva with his high decibels can make any meet lively and loud but even he was not loud enough for Naga [Civil]. He continues to furnish us with free clothes every time and this time too…with his special ladies T-shirt this time. He is one of the few who is fit as a fiddle…though I didn’t see him exercise…maybe he keeps a tight rein on his tongue and that helps.

Guna is just a notch away from becoming a monk. Mostly in the next getto we may see him in kaavi with ruthratcha maalai and carrying a jug. Amazing to see his conviction and yet so fun loving and gracious. He is one good human being…I was trying all my tricks to derail him. He is another favourite, I enjoy teasing.

Sreeni is a rock on whom you can depend. He is again a quiet guy and didn’t have much assignments this time in organizing as makkas had everything under control.

Rathish was an inspiration because he participated though he had a fever. Great of him to come. He is one of my favourites, in spite of our diagonally opposite ideologies.

It was nice of Arumai Justus to plan his visit from Muscat. He is a big guy now unlike the Justus we knew then in college. But he is still the same in taking all the teasing and fun with a sweet smile

Mohanraj is a sure attendee in all our reunions and was trying a good balancing act between family and friends.

For Angamuthu this was the first meet, yet so easily he gelled well and was at his best during the card game

Thomas was the usual quiet guy. His commitment to maintain his physique is amazing. He too had taken a long journey to be with us here

Dany was the lady in the pool. This was his new status as he comes up with a novel one every getto. He too made it in spite of challenging situations

Simon has found a new role as a bar tender these days. Good to see his control and grit in keeping away from drinks. He was closely monitoring my ticket, so I got carried away in choosing him to be my roommate but decided to put him with Michael next time… We all have heard of mimicry but this fellow performs mimicry while snoring…different sounds at different decibel levels…real talent…my other roommate Chinnasamy thought he was sleeping among his rigs. After all this damage, he asked in the morning if he snored.

Chinnasamy is a new addition to our gang…same quiet demeanour since college days. Poor fellow…fell sick the last night.

Seelan was another victim of Naga [Civil] except that he got a great opportunity to express himself at Bharath’s farm.

I was meeting Genkins after ages. His boss played a spoilsport by visiting him at the wrong time…but still he drove all the way to Cochin to please him and come back to be with us. But for him our girls would have had a tough time getting back from the farm

Alan was mischievous and was game for all activities…God knows how he has so much energy.

Emmerson is eternally youthful and looks ready for a bride. He was quiet and mature and yet fun loving. He was one of our gift organizers.

It was sad to see Nesa like that…seeing was believing about his medical condition…one of the low points of the getto…I wish he springs back to his college time cheer.

I wanted to spend more time with Solomon Suresh but missed him. His signature tummy was awesome. He has mellowed a lot compared to our college days. He was like a phantom…no one knew when he came and when he disappeared.

Kingston was the one who made it all the way from US…Andy is one useless fellow. Kingston connected with everyone comfortably with no special accent designed for the Desis.

Bharath was quiet and took a lot of back ground effort to make this getto a memorable one.

With Austin among the organisers, I was sure this meet would be a success. He is a good executor and a person to run to confidently in a crisis.

It was very nice visiting Jebaresh’s factory…guys who missed it missed something in life. His factory is more fascinating than his shuttle court. We could meet his family and heard his wife appreciate us.

I wanted to spend more time with Khader but the fellow flashed like a lightning and vanished.

I missed Sips’ [Selvam] classic humour but was so happy that he made it and he also brought dinner for our train journey.

Last but never least is Naga [Mech]…they say வீட்டை கட்டி பார் கல்யாணம் பண்ணி பார் (build a house and see, run a wedding and see)…he was handling a wedding that too his daughter’s wedding and the coordination of this meet…hats off to him. He never pushed his weight around…unassuming yet highly potent in action. Thanks buddy.

There were also some important guys who showed up for short visits, that was a nice surprise.  Abraham Johnson, Billy Shadrack, Birla Bose, Niranjan & Silas.

The Joy Ride

Special Supper

The Sunset

Returning home with lots of undying memories.

To conclude, this reunion was a wonderful time of togetherness and fun. This made all of us including those who could not join, fondly anticipate the next reunion. Those who missed this wonderful reunion include Inbaraj, Kishore Victor, Joseph Vinodraj, Victor Samraj amongst others. 

Special thanks to Andy for not joining us…we had a great time without any guilt.


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