Life is full of opportunities; all you gotta do is take that first step. Hey there, this is Blessy Jacob.  I’m currently pursuing my final year of B.A. Media and Communication. After almost two long years of online learning, we came back to the campus in March 2022. Things felt unfamiliar, after seeing faces on screens, and voices on phones to meeting them in person. From staying at home 24/7 to campus 24/7 everything seemed new. In a short time, friends became like family and the environment made the transition seamless. 

Right from the beginning of my journey at Karunya, I am blessed with so many opportunities. Now that this phase of the journey is almost nearing its end, I feel this is a good chance to let you know what’s happening at Karunya. Karunya provides platforms for students not just to excel academically, but also helps with holistic development. There are various student-run organizations within the campus that help the students learn and equip themselves with skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication. Karunya Kreatives, E Cell, and Campus TV help students learn how to work in a team and how different departments work together towards one unified goal. Karunya Kreatives is responsible for creative work, organizing competitions, and managing the social media handles of the university. It contains creative members like content writers, video editors, animators, graphic designers, and much more.

The Entrepreneurship cell or E cell helps young budding entrepreneurs bring out their startup ideas and convert their dreams to reality.

They hold various events with business professionals and successful entrepreneurs who guide the students. The department of digital science and the division of media and communication decided to rebuild the IMPAK association. The Innovative Media Professionals of Karunya is an association initiative taken by the department of Electronic Media Technology. IMPAK is a great platform that helps media enthusiasts to pursue their interests. The association arranges seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions with people from various industries. 

 To give you an example, a very introverted girl got the opportunity to anchor events in the department.

Once a very introverted personality, she now hosts events in the department.

It was that one big event in the department that was the coordinated effort of the different batches that made the event successful. Being a part of the core team of the event boosted my confidence and encouraged me to take more opportunities that came along my way.

The University recently hosted the Water Summit at ITC Coimbatore, where researchers and change makers talked about various ways to conserve and save water. Being a part of the broadcast team, I got the chance to witness an event that holds a lot of gravity. In addition to that, by being a part of both Karunya Kreatives and Campus TV, I had the chance to pitch ideas for content, posters, caption, and production. All these opportunities helped me in my professional development and gave me a clear vision of what needs to be done. These are memories that I will cherish forever.


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