In a previous article (July 2023) I wrote about life profile and how our health, relationships, and finances are linked in a matrix, affecting our total wellbeing. Here are two ideas on how life seems to flow, for your reading and enjoyment.

1) Life flows from the inside out.

In the creation of wealth and value, we tend to perceive money or wealth flowing from outside inward to us. Some of us complain that we are overworked and underpaid. Some others feel guilty that they are earning too much and feel the need to give back to society. However, wealth or money, is not the main factor here. It is our time dedicated to a particular activity that is of value to others. Time flows in a linear way forward.

I am reminded of my friend Ashok (not his real name), whom I first met in 2016. He had come to Brunei on a consultancy assignment for a telecom company here. He had previously worked as the Chief Technology Officer of one of the largest corporate companies in India. It was a highly paid job, with many responsibilities and an intense work schedule. He and his wife, being of the Hindu faith, had always wanted to make a pilgrimage and visit the many religious sites in India. Though he had amassed sufficient wealth, he had been putting off the pilgrimage because of work. One day everything came to a standstill when a doctor informed them that his wife had cancer and they had possibly another six months of life together. Ashok quit his job to spend time with his wife until she passed some months later. Friends, we exchange time spent on value creation for wealth and money.

In an interview at the D8 conference, the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, talks about creating value for his customers. Please check out this interesting exchange in the video link below (12:20–13:40 minutes).

Steve Jobs in 2010 at the D8 Conference (full video)

 Job’s states that at that time, they were selling nearly one Apple iPAD every 3 seconds across the globe. Apple and Steve Jobs had created tremendous value for their customers and were therefore rewarded with a lot of wealth. Friend, if you deliver value to others, they will pay you for it, but is it worth your time?

2) Life flows along the pathway of purpose.

The idea of retirement from work is fraught with dangers for the individual’s wellbeing, unless it involves a hobby or a future goal. A friend of mine, after retirement, has chosen to travel the globe and experience diverse cultures. So far, he claims to have visited over 100 countries and even plans to visit me in person soon.

King Solomon’s wise saying, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” still seems to hold good today. Scientists attest to the fact of the strong mind-body connection. In her interview with psychologist Jordan Peterson, Harvard Professor Dr. Ellen Langer talks about mindfulness and the power of the mind to surpass bodily limits (48:50–1:03:55 minutes) and even to reverse incurable illnesses.

Change Your Mindset, Your Health, Your Life | Dr. Ellen Langer | EP 381


The current US President, Joseph Biden, and his archrival, former President Donald Trump, are inspiring examples of age being just a number. Both are nearing their eighties, but are competing earnestly for the top job in the 2024 presidential elections. In fact, in a recent interview with journalist Megan Kelly, President Trump claimed to feel as physically strong as a forty-year-old.

Malaysia’s Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, at the age of 93, played a major role in the change of government and then served as Prime Minister between 2018 and 2020. Whether you agree with the policies of these political leaders or not, one thing is definitely sure: they have not lost their sense of purpose and are still pursuing life goals. Life is continuing to flow for them through purpose. What do you think?

Flow with life. Cheers.


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