I belong, have existed

Ever since barter ceased

Money is the name of my family

And I, am your lazy penny!


I detest travel

When threatened to be given away, I shrivel.

I cherish my state of rest

Hate being put to the test.

And detest the term INVEST.


When someone borrows, 

They add to my sorrow:

Toil hard, I must 

If not, they go bust!


So, I hide myself ,

On an unused shelf.

Or in the depth of the tank,

You call a “piggy bank”.


I prefer being a lucky charm,

Sticking to your palm.

Clinging on to an unseen leash,

Pretending to be your providential fleece!


I revel when summoned, 

To be the one being tossed.

As all eyes follow me,

For a moment, soaring high

While the world impatiently sighs!


 I’ll do anything to stay,

Even hide in a stack of hay!

I never want to be given away,

And don’t ever use me to pay.


Here’s a little secret 

Well kept.

“I am at your command,” 

Yet, I have you enslaved!


Your desire for me knows no bounds,

Rich and poor are defined by my count.

So here I am, in the comfort of my being

Never working,

Just chilling,

I remain,

Your lazy penny.


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