I was born and raised in a large village in Madurai district, located in the southern part of Tamilnadu, India. As the child of educators, I was always encouraged to pursue my studies in a God-fearing environment. This was the essence of my childhood, with my mother particularly emphasizing the importance of education.

My time at Karunya was a wonderful experience, especially due to the residential atmosphere. It provided me the opportunity to understand different types of personalities and build strong friendships that feel like family. This environment fostered the development of interpersonal and communication skills, as well as other soft skills, preparing us for the corporate world. Even today, these skills continue to be beneficial.

Karunya was a home away from home for me, offering a wealth of exposure. It was a place where individuals from rural backgrounds could learn and gain broader exposure.

Our company, Pollucare Engineers India, operates in both India and Bangladesh, focusing on environmental and pollution control. More specifically, we deal with water pollution, air pollution, and solid waste management. We serve as consultants, engineers, and contractors, which enables sustainable growth for our organization. Currently, we employ hundreds of engineers, and we plan to provide employment for 2500 people in India and neighboring countries within the next three years.

Entrepreneurship is an inspiring and adventurous journey. Now is the perfect time to launch a startup or organization in India, as it’s projected to become the second-largest economy in the next 15 years. With a GDP growth rate of 8%, India is the only nation with a sustainable GDP growth rate of 7% and above.

For those in Karunya looking to start a venture, this is the right time. However, entrepreneurship requires enormous courage and confidence. You must be willing to disrupt your comfort zone. Those who are ready to step out of their comfort zone will undoubtedly establish successful ventures and become great entrepreneurs. 

The challenges of entrepreneurship include retaining talent and finding the right people for the right jobs. As the company grows, it is crucial to establish a core team that can take over in your absence. You need to transition from being the owner to being a professional, allowing the core team to drive the organization’s growth.

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