Lyca and Madras Talkies have partnered to go down into the annals of Tamil cinema. Most sequels dwindle in their ability to recapture the charm of the first. But here we have PS2 opening with the journey of passion between Karikalan and Nandini and presenting the bad decisions and good intentions of the doyens of the Chola clan in a beautifully orchestrated symphony.

While most stars avoid multi-starrers. Here we have three heroes who have played their parts to perfection, depicting a bond so natural between the characters.

The female leads, Aishwarya and Thrisha, showcase a scintillating performance. The grand weaver, Manirathnam, has ensured the entire cast contributes their best towards Kalki’s pièce de résistance, setting the screen ablaze.

No one could present a love story better than Manirathnam. Be it Karikalan and Nandini pouring their hearts over a past that can never be erased, blindfolded Vandiyadevan clutching a sword and wooing Kundavai or Vanathi looking at Arulmozhi, sheer poetry. While the stars rule the roost, here we see the magic woven into this fine tapestry behind the scenes by a man who has romanced the lens. Ravi Verma, the unseen

The fourth hero who has contributed a masterstroke to the movie is the background music of the Mozart of Madras – AR Rahman.  It gives one goosebumps.

Choreographers have recreated the era artfully. The improper victory dance of the Pandavas assassins after killing Karikalan in the boat is a sample. Eka Lakhani is a classy stylist. Sreekar Prasad’s editing keeps the different paces of both halves of the film gripping. Thotta Tharani proves there can be only one of him.

A superior blend of super talents is PS2. A comet in Kollywood. 



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