It’s been 25 years since I graduated from Karunya. How time flies!  It’s been an incredible journey being in the first batch of Computer Science Engineering. I still remember the day my father dropped me off in Karunya in 1994. I was extremely homesick, and within 48 hours, the Karunya environment assured me that it was a home away from home. Being a well-structured institution in a beautiful natural landscape with prayerful surroundings gave me the confidence that Kaurnya is the ideal place to lay the groundwork for pursuing my dream.

In addition to curricular activities, being a part of the Karunya crusade team, corporate worship team, power ministry team etc. helped me in my journey with the Lord. On Sundays, I used to be given the opportunity to be part of the worship team to  play the piano at the Bethesda Prayer Centre.  It helped me to learn, grow, & serve HIM more. Stage fright was a major concern in my life.  When  I was given the opportunity to testify at the Tuticorin crusade in 1996, standing in front of millions along with Uncle and Paul Annan not only encouraged me, but also laid the foundation to share about HIM. It really helps me even today. Professors, counsellors and staff at  Karunya were instrumental in shaping and mentoring me to graduate sucessfully in 1998. 

Karunya’s lab facilities were extremely helpful in learning and developing my skills while I was in Computer Science Engineering, and the staff was world-class. As a computer illiterate, I recall our HOD, Mrs. Rosaline Godson, encouraging and mentoring me, which helped me gain confidence.

A home away

I moved to London, United Kingdom in 2001 to work with the client Citigroup, then completed my M.B.A at Manchester Business School, and am now a member of Accenture’s U.K. and Ireland Senior Management Team. My wife Mrs. Sweety Davidson a graduate from CMC, Vellore is working here with NHS, U.K and we are blessed with 2 boys. Our Lord has been faithful throughout the mountains, valleys, and dark times.

Our family’s affiliations to Karunya remained strong, and my sister, Mrs. Jemy John, also graduated from the same college.  Her husband, Mr. John David, works for Accenture in India, and they have two sons. And, as retired headteachers, my parents continue to serve HIM.

Solid foundations laid in Karunya have significantly assisted me spiritually, and I am now able to serve HIM in some capacity.  


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