i guys! I am Franklin (Thomas Franklin) and I am living in Chennai. I come from Tenkasi District, which is very close to Courtallam on the western ghats. Previously it was named Tirunelveli District. I did my B.E Mechanical Engineering (1993-1997 batch). Currently, I’m the CEO & Principal Consultant of TechFeat Consulting, an IT solutions company based in Chennai.

Ever since Karunya was founded, it was my dream to get an Engineering degree from there.  Though others may have had aspirations of getting into premier institutions, to be honest, Karunya was undoubtedly my number one choice.  Yes, you read it right! And I believe it was a divine desire instilled in me and I had to patiently wait for it to be fulfilled. The day I got into Karunya was the best day of my life and it still remains permanently etched in my memory.  It is so fresh that at times it feels like yesterday.  What more can I say!

They said Karunya was home away from home. True to the core, after having returned from the Christmas – New Year vacation I always preferred staying in the hostel when most of the students left to enjoy their Pongal holidays. I would rather enjoy the serene beauty of the western ghats (same as my native place and hence it was truly home away from my home), spend time walking around the campus and spend time with the Lord when it was uber quiet. The food in our days was exemplary that other college students would envy. The fun and mischief we had at the hostel – we still reminisce about those days whenever we Karunyans meet till date. Winters were especially amazing when we used to make noodles, soups, and boiled eggs inside our rooms. We had a tough time masking the rich aroma of cooking from the curious guys next door and most importantly, our SRA!!

We had countless funny incidents in Karunya. Anyway one such is: In our unparalleled last row of desks, where most of the life happened during classes, I would crack a joke and make the others laugh when the teacher was writing something on the board. We all would burst into laughter that would distract our professor.  And when he or she turned to see what was happening, I would put on a straight face without leaving a trace of the ongoing escapade, while the laughter was still gaining momentum among the  others. Needless to say everyone in our desk, except I, would be called upon to be questioned, sometimes even punished. I have got several blows and curses from my fellow bench mates for landing them in hot water.  Precious Memories!

It’s been 29 years since I got tagged as a “Karunyan”. Even today in my day-to-day life, my connections are mostly Karunyans from all batches. The fraternity & affinity is so strong that they are still family and I can confidently count on them for anything. To God be the glory for these amazing connections. I really wonder if any of the other college alumni could be this close-knit!



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