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Annaatthe, Tamil, 2021, 2hrs 43 minutes, Sun Pictures
Theatre release


Brother ,Sister sentiments which makes you sick till the point you turn green.
Take a few spoons of sentiments the most popular being brother and sister (think of vedalam) add a few drops of tears here, there, everywhere in the form of a dead mom, baby sister, love etc (think of a zillion tamil films), add a suave villain and a local mean one (think of vivegam and siruthai) now shake well and add the protective protagonist who follows and protects the ones he loves( think of veeram visvasam and vedalam) this multi coloured bright stuff, add high decibel noise in the form of imans music and shake very well…there is brisk effervescence due to Rajini’s presence and with all kinds of mixed reactions what precipitates is Annaatthe..
Rajinikanth, Prakashraj,Keerthi Suresh, Nayanthra,Soori, Jagapati Babu,Abimanyu Singh,and a few yester years
Rajini comes in and out of every scene and does practically everything he did in all his previous films here. Hey if someone tells you 4 heroines and adds Meena and Kushboo to that lists pathetic presence in the name of comedy. Mmmm Prakash Raj is Prakash Raj give him any role and he is perfect. Nayanthara wasted, Keerthi Suresh high drama
Siva Direction & Story Murali.G – Vetri Imaan – Music Reuban– Editor Anbariv-Dilip Subarayan Kalanidhi Maran – Producer
We have a straight forward director who believes copying from another is wrong so the good soul copied his own flicks.
Wow moments
Man! Wow! their thought process supersedes anyone’s imagination
If you like logic in your actions and reactions, well then you shouldn’t be seen here. Just get in, and watch the 2 parts in 1 go …( first half part 1 village subject second part 2 .. city subject..yeah u guessed right its Shiva’s favourite city Kolkata, where else can one run amok amidst deity statues and forever mingle with crowds…flavours of vedalam again

People will come and go in large numbers and our hero will bash them up with a smile..he’ll fall in love and continue fighting while wooing the heroine…and to add to this torture you will have the brother and sister rattling out pages of sentimental and philosophical dialogues which will make you want to scream…..guys stop! There’s a limit to what agony you can put us through.


Take home
You will wonder why you left home to come here
This flick is for chat lovers they add little of everything you already know, one can lay their hands on and as you watch wondering what taste you can expect you get on your plate a taste so mixed you dont know what to say
Super Horrid
If i who sat through the flick couldn’t follow why stuff was shown on the screen how could poor you follow what I’m trying to say.
Film Score

1 out of 5


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