Those we lost

Seven from our batch of 88 to 92 have gone on too soon. All the things that we did together are stark reminders of the loss that we have suffered. Each loss taught us to take the time to reflect, mourn and realize that life is too short. When we are bereaved, we go through five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  Finally, memories of the good times we spent together remain and bring a smile to our faces . Here we share memories of times spent with Robert, Wesley (left early 2000s), Xavier (2015), Lavanya (2019), Anita , Shivakumar and Prabakaran Boaz ( all 3 in 2020).

My dear friends, the loss of each one of you,

Has taught us to live for each day

And take it as a blessing,

Knowing it may not always be this way.

We miss you

We cried, but memories of the good times we shared will always linger

We know that this isn’t a permanent goodbye.


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