Hello, fellas! I’m Grace Pothula final year student of media and communication in Karunya. I’m super glad to be a Karunyan because Karunya is a place where young minds like seeds which are well-watered, germinate and rise as strong rooted trees that cannot be shaken.

These vibrant seeds of Karunya came up with a brilliant idea called “CTV”. Campus TV is a web-based television channel run by the Electronics & Media Technology department at Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences. It is a student-run organisation that uses the Intranet as part of its existing infrastructure to offer engaging services that only a residential campus can enjoy.

Four students from the class of 2008 named Catherine, Hanniel, Danny Vincent and Pandiyarajan founded Campus TV as their project. This project was overseen by Mr Jezreel Daniel, the HOD of Electronics and Media Technology with Mr Vinodh Ewards as the external guide with constant assistance from Ms Shanthi Pandiyaraj.

Since February 20, 2012, CTV has broadcast in its formal capacity. Unfortunately, with the outbreak of Covid which resulted in online classes there were drastic changes in the learning process, but the Karunya seeds never stopped growing. Right after Covid, CTV was back in action. It currently has over 80 students from various departments. Recently, para volleyball and basketball matches were covered by the CTV crew handling the pre-production, production, and post-production of Campus TV.

For those of you wondering what happens during the various stages, here is a sneak peek.

Pre-production:- Pre-production is the process of organising and planning the various components of a movie, television programme, play or other performance. After planning, content development begins and preproduction comes to an end.

Production:- Here the actual creation of a motion picture, television programme, video, advertisement etc happens. Internet video or other viewable programming that is broadcast over radio, cable, satellite, wireless or the internet is referred to as media production.

Post-production:- Filmmaking, video production, audio production, and photography all involve post-production. All production phases that follow principal photography or the recording of individual show parts are referred to as post-production.

Now, CTV is fully equipped and ready for the biggest event of the year which is the “Mega play”. Every student from every department has a role in this event. CTV focuses on giving students exposure to audio and video technology. The CTV team plans to utilize all the skills that they learnt to cover the event seamlessly. Our special thanks to Mr. Caleb – HOD of KMC.


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