One Monday my body and parts decided to have a meeting to iron out issues,
As they were stressed out doing the same work, they were having the blues.

The hands wanted to listen to the radio, squiggle and dance,
The hair thought it could breathe well if given a chance.

The mouth was tired of opening, shutting and talking at all times
It wanted some fingers to handle some of the enzymes.

The tongue thought the mouth was a slave driver with no equal,
Working it non-stop, the mouth, the tongue said was its greatest rival.

One leg said the hand’s dance is ridiculous, out of place and weird,
While the other leg plans on being hip and growing a beard.

The big toe wants to go to school, the little toe wants to go to the pool,
The heel was tired of watching the knee bending and playing the fool.

The thumb decided it wants to take a break and rest,
While the nose wants to wear lipstick and look its best.

Imagine if such things happen what chaos would ensue,
Such confusion would result if the parts from the head didn’t take their cue.

Isn’t our world in such chaos, with discussion, the order of the day,
Of who is the boss, what are our rights and who has to pay?

Each one has been assigned to do our own functions,
But we have forgotten the Head from where we are to get all instructions. 

When His will is done on earth as it is in heaven, He will be the Head,
And we to our own weak wants and frail desires will be dead.


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