The month of February 2023 has been quite sweet to the Karunyans!! The month is marked by 2 major concerts held by 2 BIG personalities, Mr. Sheldon Bangera and Ms. Stella Ramola!!

14th of Feb was the day lovers celebrated their love for each other, but we got this opportunity to celebrate our love for the Creator!! We were initially led in praise and thanksgiving by the powerful Revivalists from our university, the ‘Fire Revivals’ after which, the mike was handed over to Mr. Sheldon Bangera!!


He began with some of his major hits, gradually getting the crowd to break free of all the obstacles holding them back from dancing and praising the Lord. He then led us to worship, where the magnificent move of the Holy Spirit was very evidently felt!! This was followed by a session where he shared his powerful testimony, which broke through the shackles that were binding every person who was going through similar situations. The one and a half hour session came to an end quite quickly with him singing his much requested and awaited song ‘Nachoonga Gaoonga’!!

Well, that was quite a memorable day that will surely be etched onto our memories, but WAIT!! We are not done yet!!

25th of February is bringing to us yet another great event, the concert held by Ms. Stella Ramola!!!

We all wait with an expectant heart, ready to witness the wonders that the Lord Almighty will be doing through Ms. Stella on that beautiful day!! See y’all there!!

25th concert
25th concert

Half night prayers

With the month nearly coming to an end, February was also marked by something more significant, the 2 half night prayers!!

With revivals breaking out in different parts of the world, the urge to turn souls to Christ is of more urgency than ever before!! Thus, with a desire to enable the students of Karunya to yield more to the Holy Ghost, the DOVE department has organized 2 half night prayers this month to emphasize in the minds of the students, the importance of taking time apart especially in the night hours to celebrate, worship and spend time in prayer to our Beloved Master!!

Both the sessions have turned out to be quite powerful as several testimonies of students after these sessions have really flooded our hearts with gratitude towards the Almighty for moving in our midst!!

As several signs point to the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Karunya ARE YOU READY FOR REVIVAL?!!


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