Heads huddled together, minds alive with ideas and plots, young scriptwriters are brainstorming for the next big story for the greatest event that the Karunyans always await – ‘THE MEGAPLAY’. After the pandemic struck the whole world, Karunya is back with such a mega event in 2 years. A strike there an erasure here, it’s never an easy road coming to the final plot, but after much planning and prayers, the theme for the event is finally unveiled.  R.A.W: Rise As Warriors!!

Posters announcing the auditions for the play are sent out and the judges wait anxiously, as eager and curious souls peek into the audition halls. This time Karunya was planning to host a variety of programs ranging from classical dance to the 100+ voice choir, and of course the much awaited play!! 

Every morning of the week prior to the event, began with the practice sessions commencing right after the morning assembly. With breaks and snacks guaranteed in between, the sessions went on until 7pm in the evening. 

The DGS auditorium was always bustling with activity, as different portions of the auditorium were occupied by students rehearsing. 

As the dancers, actors, singers and musicians were doing their work, a silent group of people were in the process of creating something beautiful, something that would essentially be the backbone of the play, the Backdrop designers!! 

Artists drew and splashed paint on huge canvases. Among the commotion, a group of people, of which most were clad in black, walked around snapping and capturing moments from the rehearsal onto their devices. They form the much underrated but spectacular media team of students, who made sure to not miss out on anything that happened on the sets. 

Back in the KMC studio, a group of young zealous boys were striving to give it their all, doing a work hidden from most, but a work without which the play would be impossible.  They were the audio engineering team!! Nights turned into days as these students worked to make the sounds come out right for the play.

The entire event was coordinated by a group of senior students who managed everyone. This all wouldn’t have been possible without the ever present and constant help from various faculties from different departments and the staff from the DOVE department. 

As the date of the event drew closer, the whole campus swings in motion as the preparations take on a more tenacious approach. During this period, a group of students from the Media department take on the role of shooting promotional videos for the event, with the anchor capturing the emotions of students and faculties as they eagerly await this Major Event!!

‘D DAY’ arrives and the whole campus gathers in DGS auditorium for the event. The event goes smoothly and quite spectacularly, much to the relief and exhilaration of everyone involved. The event was especially graced by the presence of our respected Chancellor and his family!!

With the conclusion of the play, the event finally draws to a close, bringing a sudden sense of sadness over the days of strenuous practice gone by.  Bur, we Karunyans look forward to the year ahead, having yet another, grand and memorable Megaplay in store for us!! See you there!!

Vending Machines

Upon returning to the hostels after the New Year break, we were greeted by quite an unexpected and startling sight. There at the entrance stood a green colored machine, looking quite intriguing to say the least. Upon a closer look, we could tell that yes it was what we had always wanted and what we’d always dreamed of – a vending machine!!! 

But here was the catch: how exactly do we operate this and are we really willing to put our 20 rupees at stake for this new and unfamiliar machine?!!

Initially, certain courageous ones came forward and experimented with the machine, while the more cautious ones stayed around to watch how things went down.

As days turned to weeks, having this new machine on campus started proving to be very beneficial. Did we miss breakfast and are we hungry? No worries!! The vending machine’s got our back!! Oops, its 1 am and hunger starts creeping in!! Do you want something to munch on as you burn the midnight oil for the exams?? Stress not, the Vending machine’s got you!!

But as every good thing has a flip side to it, our vending machine also has one. It, albeit quite rarely, does the betrayal of not dispensing the required products!! Now if we get a refund we should be alright, yes?!! Well I wish it were that easy, as one wrong tap and there goes our entire pocket money.

But as it may have it, these machines have proved to be more of a boon than a bane to the students of Karunya and hence will be around us for a long while to come!!


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