Episode 6 of Entrepreneur Spotlight features a charismatic guest who makes listening to him informative, insightful and arrestingly entertaining. Given those talents and traits it comes as little surprise that Mr. Lishender Sampath’s domain expertise lies in the media and video production industry, with over 22 years of experience. Sam Lishi, as he also goes by, is the owner of a media production house, is a YouTuber and a Vlogger. He also ministers as a family counselor through his Lishen Sampath Ministries. URL links to all the aforementioned can be found at the end of this article.

In this episode, Sam highlights differences as well as walks us through the criteria of choice for anyone seeking to get into blogging, vlogging or podcasting. When it comes to the question of which one best suits you, his advice, “The fit is not far from you, it’s the confidence to start that needs a push”. We hope that this episode will serve to motivate anyone considering such an endeavor. Additionally, Sam’s company has expanded into pre-production, which simply put, brings to life and completion any seed idea or concept, and helps with fleshing it out. His company handles the entire gamut from scripting, copyrighting and liaison all the way through post-production.

Responding to the question of viably pursuing hobbies into a business, Sam distinguishes between passive and active monetization and the potential for converting your passion into an income stream. His fluid narrative style is very engaging as he takes us on his media journey of how he got to where he is today: from Siruvani to Canada to Hanover, Germany where he met four heads of states and then back to Madurai before settling in Chennai. There’s even a brief demo of the gimbal that Sam uses in his vlogs when explaining how he manages to keep up and sometimes stay ahead of the change-curve by following a few pointers he shares with us. 

Sam is also regularly invited to bike-launches, sometimes accompanying celebrities to co-launch, and you get to hear all about it in the episode as well.

Be sure to give it a listen and provide us your feedback on how we could make these episodes better and a value-add for you.

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