Brunei Darussalam, where I have lived for the past 21 years, borders East Malaysia and has a humid, tropical climate. It is surrounded by water on three sides, has a water village, a small population, and is bordered by rivers, lakes, woods, and hills that are green for the majority of the year.

Even though I used to run to stay in shape in my younger years, I’ve just started going on weekend hikes. What began as a personal initiative to be physically healthy turned into a discovery of nature as a source of inspiration for my thoughts. Here are some of my thoughts and photos from my phone camera that inspired them. The hiking trails begin in a park called “Tasek Lama,” which means “Old Lake,” and which I have dubbed “Eden, my garden of joys”. 

A fallen tree

Trees fall occasionally. I’m still baffled as to how such a large tree can fall without warning. . The fall, on the other hand, can make it stand out as a distinct component of the landscape, even as a water bridge.  Have you had any falls or failures that resulted in success stories?


Standing on the crest of a hill, you may get a full view of the ecosystem. You see each part is an essential piece of the whole and is intertwined and dependent to make “the whole” functioning and beautiful. In the midst of my busy life, I sometimes need to take a step back to view the big picture and cherish each person in my team – how about you?

Life finds a way

When I find crustaceans (crabs and shrimps) in the forest floor water pools, I am always amazed. . In the movie “Jurassic Park” one of the scientists who needs to accredit the park asks, “how do you control the breeding of the dinosaurs?”.  The park scientist replies that all the dinosaurs at “Jurassic Park” are female. “Life found a way”, he says later, after discovering dinosaur eggs in the park.

The mess we make

Have you heard of Australia’s cane frogs, Florida’s pythons, or the United States’ African bees? These are all non-native organisms that wreaked havoc on the ecosystem when they were introduced. My routes are occasionally covered in sand that humans have placed in the hopes of benefiting walkers. When it rains excessively, however, the trail becomes extremely slick and difficult to navigate. Because of the grip, I like to stroll down a natural path with flora and roots. Isn’t it true that certain things are better left alone?

Orchid Garden

Does no one get to view beautiful orchids amid dismal surroundings? I’m curious as to why they’re so beautiful. They are probably unaware of how attractive they appear to me. I’m reminded of the scripture and the command to not think or worry or be concerned. They are perhaps so attractive because they don’t seem to mind. What are your thoughts?

Beautiful moments

A natural pond at the bottom of a valley is where I’ve seen very few folks. Here I met a fish that I named “Prosperity”. In comparison to the others, she is enormous. Because she can effectively conceal in the murky waters, the times I get to view her are exceptional. I always look forward to seeing this pond whenever I pass by. Will she show up? Have you recently been startled by unexpected but lovely moments?

The sound of waters

The sight of fresh, running water is really relaxing, but hearing it typically means I’m approaching the lowest regions of the forest, as water always finds its way to the lowest points. The sound of water has occasionally provided me with a sense of security. Do you believe that wisdom flows in the same way?

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