Everyone seems to be talking about change these days. Change, they say, is the only constant.  The way we think about life, health, fear, relationships, economy, the government and even education is constantly changing. When I consider change in my  professional and personal life, my focus is on my leadership goals.

Change in my opinion, is another word for transformation. This is not only about opening one’s mind to new ideas and making adjustments; it’s also about the logic of change. Making errors is one illustration. In both our personal and professional lives, when we fail to learn from our errors, we are more likely to become stale, receive harsh criticism from others or risk being completely ignored. Most people want to avoid making the same mistakes again, so they improve after making a mistake. Typically, they discover a better way or learn to be more correct the next time.

When we do it right the next time, it would be good to take the time to think about the transformation concerning that particular problem or issue that made it a positive experience. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your transformation through life and work:

  1. Am I embarrassed because I made a mistake? If so, why and how can I do it better the next time? If I own  up, will I be able to face my co-workers (or family)? If yes, how will I focus on doing  better next time and what kind of help do I need?
  2. How can I start a discussion with someone who doesn’t seem willing to listen to constructive criticism and constantly shows negative emotions? Do I find a resource that can help me to approach them differently, since all other avenues have failed? If so, can I give a listening ear to hear whatever message is given to me so I myself can grow and learn?
  3. How do I approach a team’s effort that went bad or didn’t make its mark? Do I ask for the team’s participation and do I need help with facilitation?
  4. Am I taking full responsibility for what is going wrong as a leader in my family or work life? If so, what behavior can I change that will help to resolve the issue or problem?

Once we analyze our situation the way ahead will appear clearer evolving into a transformation that will stand the test of time.


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