Hi guys! I am Sasi, from the  Mechanical Engineering branch(1993 – 1997. It is my honor and privilege to talk about my stay in Karunya. First of all, my hearty congratulations to the Karunya University for achieving the A++ grade awarded by NAAC.

25 yrs have passed by since I graduated, yet a day has not passed by without my thinking about the blessed time I had in Karunya. The beauty of being a Karunyan is that, we are a close knit family. We have kept in touch with each other since we graduated. Whenever we meet, discussions have always revolved around Karunya and it would go on for hours. Our poor family members would really get the raw end of the deal and I am sure this is a reality in all Karunyan homes. Even when we changed the topic, we would again find ourselves somehow talking about Karunya. Such is the impact of the life we experienced in Karunya.

In addition to mechanical engineering, Karunya taught me how to live my life. I apply all the life lessons learnt in Karunya, even today. The hostel stay was certainly one of the best parts of my life. I am thankful for all the friends I cherish to this day. The facilities, in addition to being conducive for learning, made us feel at home. I fondly remember all the teachers and the non-teaching staff in the college. I recently visited the college and it was my privilege to meet Prof. T V Christy, Mrs. Elizabeth Felix and others. Karunya has changed and today it is a grand University with thousands of students. That is really marvelous!!

We had all planned to meet at Karunya for our Silver Jubilee but COVID played spoil sport. We the batch of 97′ love and celebrate our Alma Mater and we wish the founders, management, staff and students the very best.    


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