Karunya – The Missing Link (https://t.me/readthemissinglink) is Karunya’s alumni telegram group of alumni. The following polls were conducted, a cross section of the group responded and their views are captured here. Every Karunya alumni is encouraged to join and participate in the group.

Poll 1 Results

Objective and Analysis

The objective of the poll is to see if in the last year and a half online groups and zoom had helped to increase community cohesion or not.

We learnt that 64% of the still feel unconnected. We took away the action to continue to engage and connect the alumni via “The Missing Link”, it underscores our vision and mission.

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Poll 2 Results

Objective & Analysis:

The Missing Link is an alumni for the alumni by the alumni so this poll was put out to ask for the type of content the readers favoured. ‘Entrepreneurship and Finance’ and ‘Science and technology’ took the top spots while “Outdoor and gardens” along with “Clothing and attire trends” seemed to have least appeal. The magazine will use this feedback to tailor its content according to reader preferences.

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Poll 3 Results
Objective & Analysis

In order to circulate “The Missing Link” a whatsapp group of representatives from each batch and branch has been created. This poll was created to estimate connectivity among alumni. Of those who responded 42% seem to be silent observers while only 27% are active participants. 

The Karunya alumni network is rich with contacts across various geographies and domains. Every alumni connected adds to the richness of the network. If you are not linked to your batch or would like to be part of “The Missing Link” magazine team please write to alumnikarunya@gmail.com with your name, phone number, batch and branch.

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