When I saw the cover of this issue of The Missing Link: ‘Built to Shine’, my mind flashed back to our very first issue, in Feb 1989, which carried a similar caption on its cover: ‘Winged to Fly’. It was at our alma mater that we all ‘built’ our first credentials and earned our first ‘wings’. It’s been a continuous process of learning and unlearning ever since. Over the years we have all amassed a portfolio of unique skills, knowledge, and values. So, these captions help remind us to make them count. Contributing your informed insights – tested and refined over years of experience – to this Magazine, is one sure way to shine your light for the mutual benefit of our alumni community. Illuminate.

In doing so, I encourage a skeptical spirit. As humans we are perceptive and rational beings. We have minds to think and reason, so we owe it to ourselves to invest in due diligence. Instead of being credulous, we ought to evaluate, verify and fact-check. We may not always be in agreement; holding different or conflicting worldviews is innate to human nature. Let’s not censure, polarize or vilify, rather let’s actively defend our opponent’s freedom of expression even when we disagree. An open mind and a tolerant heart are on my wish list for this magazine. Initiate.

I see some exciting content in this issue. With all the face mask mandates, Brinda contemplates some metaphorical masks we otherwise wear. Jude draws our attention to the lack of focus on the goal that can result in successful yet vain efforts. Binu reminds us with an anecdote how charting our destiny is in our own hands. Jeyasingh, the avid audio signal processing expert, opens up the esoteric world of audiophiles with advances in home theatre systems. The seasoned CEO, Jonathan analyzes different types of workplace competence. Vinod reminisces about the late 40’s four-door Austin A40 Devon saloon owned by his grandfather, built in India by Ashok Motors. Reji continues to assure us to befriend financial uncertainty and take calculated risks. Inform.

Furthermore, we have Singapore’s unique omelet sandwich ‘Roti John’ by Samuel, a brutally honest movie review by Sujatha, some original poetry, family life lessons, and an eulogy to seven of our mates from the Class of 1992 who have passed on. Here’s a suggestion to all contributors: religion is a very personal choice, and entirely a matter of faith, so let’s show some sensitivity and a spirit of inclusivity.

I am excited that The Missing Link is transitioning from the traditional flipping magazine layout to a web browser layout that is responsive to all screen formats. Wish all alumni a cheerful yet contemplative read.


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