Dear All,

“To shine is a multi-faceted attribute.  One can shine in various aspects of life – academic, cultural, scientific, artistic – the possibilities are endless. To shine is a deep aspiration of every human, and to see loved ones bask in the radiance of the shining light gives immense satisfaction. Whether you’re an artist, a scientist, an entrepreneur, or a technologist, embracing one’s own shine is the path to fulfillment. Our alumni, in their pursuit of excellence, have uncovered their own unique talents and passions and cultivated them well, causing them to radiate in the world. The incandescence of their talents is well showcased in The Missing Link – a literary achievement of our Karunya Alumni. As you leaf through the web pages of this edition, you will see the brilliance of their talents and passion in various fields and also the innovations that they bring to this world.

I consider it a privilege to pen the preface to this edition, which is a tapestry of the work of established and emerging talents. Starting from the lively cover to the well-designed pages and right up to the end, the magazine is not just a visual delight, but also a plethora of expressions in myriad fields.  It is a great treat for our grey matter. We all feel a personal bond as we travel down memory lane, reminiscing about our tenure on campus along the way. The feeling is unmatched when we recount those carefree days with a smile, momentarily forgetting the mundane stresses of the current day. So, forget fleeting trends and silly superficialities and feel timeless as you immerse yourself in the content of this alumni magazine. There is an innate brilliance within each one of us, often waiting to be uncovered.  So why not contribute your talent to one of the many different sections here and discover the new shine in you?

Thanks to our editorial team, sponsors, designers, and all associated with the allure of The Missing Link. Kudos.


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