The planning for the reunion started well ahead of the event with a small group of friends representing the entire batch. The venue was finalized at Udaya Backwater Resorts, Alleppey, Kerala, India.

Several meetings were held online with minutes prepared and circulated for suggestions. Different committees like venue preparation, transportation, sports, registration, finance, music, etc., were formulated with voluntary members. Then the registration process started in full swing. Friends extended financial help by sponsoring  registration, gifts, uniform T-shirts, sarees, shirts, dhothis, music and other expenses.

Mr. Thanga Raj took the initiative of booking train tickets for about 20 of us who travelled in the same train. A mini get-together started on the train itself as we had a good time chatting and eating. We reached the resort at 12.30pm on 7th July 2023 with great anticipation.

I was pleasantly surprised at the welcome as each of us were adorned with a chain made up of sea shells. Thanks to the friends who arranged this innovative way of welcoming us.

The room was superb, equipped with all necessary facilities, and ensured a comfortable stay from 6th to 9th July 2023.

The event started at 4 pm on 7th July with welcome speech by Mr. Jose Mathew followed by lighting the Kuthuvilakku. 

The objectives of the reunion were eloquently presented by Mr. David Saul Singh, one of the pillars of this event.

We took time to remember few of our friends who lost their life, and it was a real emotional moment for all of us.

Interesting and enjoyable games were organized by Mr. Dominic and his team

It brought me great joy to see my son, Anderson Wesley, enjoying the games.

Our batchmates took time to share their life experiences and achievements.

“Karaoke Night” was organised by Mr.Arvind and all of us enjoyed the music.

It brought me joy to see the next generation leading a competition, dancing, and singing along with us.

Dinner was delicious with a variety of food.

After having dinner, night arattai arangam started and went up to 2.45 am.

Day 2 started with breakfast followed by a formal discussions on how to make Karunya Penta Batch beneficial to all of us. 

It made me so happy to see all of us wearing the blue-colored T-shirts designed by the great Mr. Mohan Kumar, who worked tirelessly day and night to make this event successful.

So happy to see all of us wearing Blue colour T-Shirt designed by the great Mr.Mohan Kumar, who worked day and night tirelessly for this successful event.

The second day was spent in the boat house. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed lunch on the boat.

The children were happily enjoying the swimming pool with their parents, completely forgetting all about studying.

The evening program started with Chenda Melam.

It was amazing to watch the enthusiasm of the spouses as they too joined the dances. 

Group photos were taken of us in uniform.

Family pictures were taken to keep among cherished memories

Mr Aravind led an awesome musical night and everyone had a great time.

The highlight of the second day was the entertainment provided by Mr. Pasupathy and his team.

The children formed a team and enjoyed immensely.

The send-off was punctuated by giving a gift bag to every batchmate and special gifts were given to all the spouses and children.

Special thanks to Mr.Vinod for all his contributions and especially his hospitality.

With a heavy heart, we departed for our respective places. God willing, we hope to meet in Madurai in July 2025.

I thank the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to attend the event despite facing Himalayan challenges. I am grateful to God for the wonderful love and fellowship we share among our batchmates. Praise God for His travel mercies.



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