Anaikatti meet  16th to 18th Sep 2022

The 1987-1991 batch boys got together for the first time after COVID, at Anaikatti. The Coimbatore boys put the programme together with Selvakumar in the lead. Sivasubramanian supplied us with the signature T-shirts and shorts and some takeaways as well.

We met on the 16th morning at YMCA Coimbatore and were refreshed from our night journey. The local boys were there to receive us. After breakfast, we started for Anaikatti. The Nagarcoil, Salem and the nearby boys joined us at Anaikatti. The two days stay was arranged at the JR Jungle resort Anaikatti.

After a heavy biriyani lunch, we all took a hearty rest (age catches up) which would not have been the case had it been our college days. The evening was a gathering around the lawns for a time of chatting and catching up with a continuous supply of snacks of all kinds. Then on top of this, we had dinner and the same chatting happened in smaller groups in some rooms and the porticos. Thus went Friday.

Saturday morning the early risers went for a guided trek into the woods, luckily no elephant spotted them.

We had our usual resort-style breakfast and then got ready for sessions of laughter and pulling each other’s legs. Afternoon nap err…proper sleep gave us fresh energy for the evening. The evening was a karaoke night. We sang and danced on the lawns with a steady supply of food. The only lady participant was Thomas Varghese’ wife. They both made it all the way from the US for that evening session and left before dinner. The crowd was ‘well behaved’ till the lady left.

Sunday morning was again an adventure of hide and seek with the elephants in the forest. Luck was again on our side and not on the elephants’. After breakfast, each one trickled away and the big Chennai gang left by afternoon train after lunch in Coimbatore,

Balaji, Chinnaswamy, Srini and the boss Selva Kumar – Organizing Committee

Inbaraj, Gnanaseelan, Sarathy, Richard Prabhakar, Thomas Varghese, Sivasubramani and Niranjan

Simon second from right

Standing on top. Left to right- Richard Thomas, Victor Samraj, Nagaraj, Selvam, Gnanaseelan, W Rajesh, Austin, Jebaresh, Kishore Victor, Janardhanan, Chinnasamy, Ronald, Inbaraj, Emerson, Nagaraj, Selvakumar.

Bottom, Left to right – Moses, Rozario Ramesh, DJ Prabhakar, Sankaranarayanan, Sasikar, Arulraj, Michael, Sivasubramanian, Sreenivasan, Felix, Balaji, Ponnusamy, Lingeswaran, Immanuelraj, Mohanraj, Vinodhraj, Murugesan.

Iyappan in the left extreme

Bharath far left


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